I provide interventions evidence–based techniques incl. Gottman Method and a variety of other methods treating couples with different challenges incl. marital conflict, infidelity, parental differences, impact of divorce and separation adjustment, and impact of major life events.

Specialising in mental health and trauma–informed practise, my interventions are focused on developing strategies providing a level of knowledge aiming at building skilful strategies and coping techniques raising awareness and understanding of how to handle difficult situations. I offer knowledge of evidence-based behavioural strategies aiming at enhancing communication skills and problem-solving techniques.
This often occurs through fostering better connection and understanding of ways of relating to each other taking into consideration different attachment styles and challenges created by different communication patterns.

Often couples I see struggle with deep wounds resulting from years of misunderstanding and issues, which have never been resolved resulting in a deep disconnect. My job, as a therapist, is to breach some of those differences, developing different perspectives and better ways of connecting.

Being a multilingual therapist, I often assist couples with navigating cultural differences influencing their ways of solving problems, relating to each other, expectations they have, and connections they share.
My approach is characterised by a compassionate and client-centred approach aiming to re-build hope and addressing presenting difficulties in a sensitive yet effective way.
I offer a free initial 15-minute Zoom or phone consultation so we can determine if we’re a good fit. Please enter your contact details, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.