I am dedicated to supporting others through difficulties they experience whether it is impact of mental illness, trauma, adjustment to change or difficult life circumstances, interpersonal challenges, emotional problems, problems with the sense of self identity and a lack of direction in life.

My mission is to assist others in their life journey and whatever challenges they encounter, whether it is to do with personal and relationship problems or stressful life situations. My goal is to understand the individual story and connect with the sense of meaning it carries with a goal of achieving a more fulfilling and satisfying quality of life and better outcomes.

I enjoy empowering my clients to achieve the goals they would like to pursue, which often starts with deepening their understanding about themselves and what is important to them. It is my professional commitment to my clients. I am passionate about always striving to bring the best in people by understanding their lived reality, barriers but also the dreams and aspirations they have.

My interventions are embedded in trauma-informed practise enabling better sense of control over one’s life through techniques developing a sense of grounding and clarity, enabling better coping with stress and a sense of overwhelm, creating a sense of meaning and connection with self and others.